Custom Made Products

Sippel and Co. Pty Limited can custom-designed and build AIRSKATE™, HOVAIR™ and Air Flotation Load Movement Systems, capable of moving almost anything no matter how large , small or delicate.  Load weights can range from 100 kg to 100 Tonne or more.  Standard equipment is also available.

Videos and pictures of AIRSKATE™ Systems in operation are available on request via email or the contact page.


AIRSKATE™ Systems are the easiest known means of moving heavy and/or awkward loads.


Typical set 4 bearing kit


Low profile custom built transporters. Clearance range 25 mm - 65 mm.  More often eliminating the need to jack heavy loads before moving.

Keeps load low and controllable

Easy set up with one supply hose needed

AIRFILM™ Air Flotation Tables for packages, vehicular and industrial turntables are also designed and supplied.


GKS PERFECT Low Profile Caster Trolley Load Movement Systems capable of moving loads from 1 to 100 tonnes are also available.


Also designed and supplied is the SIPPEL™ HITECH Electronic Weigh-Packer, which can handle powders, granules or aggregates in food, chemical, mining or cement grouts industries.  Weigh increments of 10 gm over a range of 2 to 40 kg can be accommodated.  Containers can be paper/plastic sacks, cartons, small drums or tote bins.