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For over 33 years Sippel and Co. Pty Limited has custom-designed, built and provided hire services for AIRSKATE™, HOVAIR™ and Air Flotation Load Movement Systems, capable of moving very awkward or heavy loads from 100 kg to 100 tonnes or more.  Standard equipment is also available.

Advantages of AIRSKATE™ Systems

Clean and quiet
Easy and safer : less chance of injury or incidents to personnel
Low profile : often eliminating the need to jack heavy loads before moving.  Keeps load low and controllable
Unlimited applications : perfect for assembly and production lines, for precise alignment of plant machinery.
Simple and versatile : and eliminates the need for time consuming dismantling.
The System can be quickly learnt and utilised by your personnel
Low push-force : One person can move up to 10 Tonne easily (subject to floor level and visibility)
No damage to floors : No need for tracks or reinforced floors.  Concrete factory floor is all that is needed.
Ideal for tight and restricted access moves. 
Air powered operation makes it safer for use in hazardous areas.


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